Vacation Club Time Ownership

Englewood Beach and Yacht Club Manasota Key Condo Hotel FloridaSea Oats Beach Club and Englewood Beach & Yacht Club are interval ownership condominiums.  Condo ownership at our resorts offers you a wonderful opportunity to ensure you’ll always have a place to stay on beautiful Manasota Key.

Interval ownership makes it possible to own a condominium for the periods when it may be enjoyed and not pay for the periods when it is not in use. Through our affiliation with Resort Condominiums International  and Interval International, owners have an opportunity to exchange time at their home resort for a stay at a different affiliated property.

Reasons that timesharing can be a good decision for vacationers

  • The reduced cost of owning vs. renting.  Typical payback is within 5-6 years.
  • The guarantee that the unit is available to you at the same time each year, eliminating the need to make reservations. No chance of getting shut out.
  • Friendships created through meeting people on a yearly basis. There are over three million families who are the owners of timeshares all over the world.
  • The ability to trade or “bank” your unit.

sea oats beach club englewood beach manasota key condo rental hotel FloridaResort Condominiums International  and Interval International are  companies specializing in the exchange of timeshare units between timeshare owners from all over the USA and the world. As a timeshare owner, you may decide to trade or bank your unit and travel to exotic places like Hawaii or Europe or Asia. The cost is based on a yearly membership fee and an additional transfer fee for each trade you make. The membership fee gets you a travel book with over 3000 resorts to choose from.   Whether you want to golf, ski, surf or just getaway to an exotic locale, I.I. and RCI. will have a place just for you.

Learn more about resort timeshare ownership

CLICK HERE for available properties at Englewood Beach & Yacht Club

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) 1-800-338-7777  or visit their website:

Interval International (I. I.)  1-800-828-8200 or visit their website:

If you have any questions about resort timeshare ownership and its advantages, please feel free to speak to onsite resort manager, John Almoslino, or contact Kandy Reynolds of Cunningham Property Management, 1-800-201-9983.

Send us an email to inquire about available units.

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